About Us

Everyone is interested on how they can save in terms of utility bills. We are not just a company that’s been into duct cleaning, but we are also doing the aeroseal duct sealing. This is to help you save money on your energy consumption. Around 40% of the energy consumption you have at home comes from the HVAC system. The systems leak around 30% of the air that goes through. This is about money and energy being wasted. Global Air Duct Cleaning Apache Junction can help you out if you will allow us to do so. Our Aeroseal duct cleaning service is a patented technology that deals with the leaks from the inside going out. The software will enable the technician handling the problem to be able to measure the duct leak in residential homes and in commercial establishments too. The aeroseal cleaning method will bring the air under a certain level of pressure and it will bring the polymer particles to stay to the edges of the leak and then stick to each other until the leak is closed completely.

This is a new technology that our technicians are using to be able to finish the job well and in an accurate manner. Global Air Duct Cleaning Apache Junction are one of the active service agents that’s been using this technology for some time now. Let us know how we can be of help to you. We have a team of technicians who will take care of your HVAC systems. While the energy savings may end up as a result of lessened leaking, it may differ depending on the climate, rates of utility and with hyour heating and cooling system at home too. Our goal is not just to help you have a clean and fresher air to breath, but we also want you to feel that you are being taken care of by the company that you have trusted. We can help you lower down your utility bills, while improving the air quality inside your home. Global Air Duct Cleaning Apache Junction can help lessen the fumes in the air that may be achieved under certain conditions. In a commercial establishment, the aeroseal will be able to solve the air flow problem and even ventilation problems while lowering down the energy cost.